Fear and freedom – 2017.11.12

The wicked man flees, even if no one follows him,
the righteous man feels safe like a lion.
Proverbs 28,1

This is an important verse for those, who love Jesus and follow him. Is he reigns the fear disappears!
When I was a young man I never liked walking past a funeral home; I always changed the street side. And on the graveyard I always felt uncomfortable. But after Jesus had set me free, I noticed nothing anymore; other people envied me because of my freedom.
Once I was listening to a conversation of three strong, young men. Each of them were telling, that they didn’t dare to leave the house in the evening. Their wives had to get cigarettes and everything when it got dark. This was the fault of all the horror videos they had seen.
An other woman was full of fear. She had dreamt,  her home would have burned down. Only the dog would have warned her. A voice said: I was trying to pull you into the fire.
Everything, we don’t know exactly, fears us. In addition, there is the fear of the creepy, the evil and the darkness. And this fear reigns many people. Bad dreams, shying back, superstition, horoscopes and the statements of fortune tellers cause fear in many people.
Some of them played occult games. For example bottle turning or card laying or moving tables. They cannot forget it anymore and it shapes them; and now they live in a negative fear of expectation.
How great that Jesus is optimistic! He destroys all our fears, if we only bring it to him and place us under His protection. Jesus is much stronger then all of the dark powers.
The wicked man flees even if there is no reason. The righteous man is safe in Jesus, he stands firm like a lion.
Sometimes we need pastoral care or the help of siblings when the fears bothers too much. But always the same: Jesus will win. He holds us in his strong, loving hand.

Thank you Jesus! You have redeemed me from the darkness. You drive out the dark clouds, the fears, the superstition and everything that tries to push me down. There is freedom, serenity, joy, peace and confidence within you!


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