About the injustices – 2017.11.09

Then God answered Job and said: With the Almighty, the rebuke wants to right? The god accuses, answer it!
Job 40,1f.

Job experienced so much suffering and injustice, he had to suffer so much from the disease. And yet he was conscious of no fault. Why, O God? – so he kept asking himself. All his possessions were stolen, the children slain, the wife said: Renounce your god and die! – what else should he suffer?
He wants to argue with God, to conduct a proper lawsuit as in court because of all the injustice and suffering. God lets him talk. But then HE replies quite differently than expected: Who wants to lecture me? I founded Earth, I know the throwing time of the ibex, I create the winds and storms, I show myself in the storm over Lebanon, which uproots the strong cedars…..and who are you? I know the orbit of the stars, I know every single one of them by name….. and you, who are you? Come, teach me! Whether there’s something I don’t know!
When God stands up to Job, Job must remain silent. God is much, much bigger than him. He’s so much wiser than he is. HE is the Creator, HE is the one who receives everything. And who’s Job against God? Just a small, ignorant man.
As I was complaining to God in the last few days about some grievances in the church (as if HE did not know), do you know what He answered me? And what? – said he. Hey, I said, this is bad! And again His answer: So what? – as if everything wasn’t bad at all. At first I didn’t understand the world and God at all any more. How can He take it lightly? But slowly I understood: He is still the Lord. Even if some in the church have the great word and many believe them: He is still the same; – HE stands above these things. They cannot do anything evil to Him, and the LORD looks after His property (His children) alone, and HE does not need my help. Could I defend him? Who am I? HE can fight very well on his own. It is HE who laughs at the mockers and yappers. HE will take care of order in His time. But how am I supposed to help him so small as I am? How should I advise him what to do? He knows it himself; and he can do it better himself.
So now I can put the matter quite calmly into His strong hands. I entrust myself to Him. I know HE does everything right, because HE is the Lord! In some things HE doesn’t need my help.

Thank you, Jesus! You’re strong! You have all the money, gold and silver, and you have all the power! Why do I get upset when others are scratching your glory? You can defend yourself well if you have to. You are right and justice. You are love, patience and mercy, with friends and enemies. What do I play myself for a judge? Forgive me, O Lord,
it´s better I’d rather keep quiet…


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