Sound Teaching – 2017.11.08

My people perish from lack of knowledge!
Hosea 4:6

As the priests of the ancient Israel spread a false teaching about God, great judgement came over them. Due to lack of knowledge the Israelites could not obey Him, could not be faithful. This was purely due to the failure of the priests and preachers.
When Paul preached the gospel in Beröa people immediately checked whether his teachings were in accordance with the Bible. And they were glad to find out that everything that Paul said was true. So it should be! The preacher teaches the full gospel and the listeners check the correctness of the words with the help of the Bible and with the gift of the distinction.
There are preachers who teach the truth without compromises. And there are preachers who teach what people like to hear. The latter are cheered until God let them fall down some day.  The judgment will be terrible when preachers teach only the shallow, light gospel, the half of the truth, thereby corrupting the people, leading thm astray.
Please stick to Jesus! Read the Bible, keep praying and listen what God says. So you will be able to identify instantly a wrong teaching. You will not fall into the trap when everything sounds so easy and wonderful. You will realize instead that it is a tempting shortcut to salvation. The true way of salvation is steep, narrow, and burdensome but God is at our side. Jesus has preceded us on the path of suffering, we will follow Him as Paul did who endured much.
Our teaching must be grounded in the truth of the Bible and our prayers. The Holy Spirit, the Wisdom of God, is our teacher thereby. With Him our teaching is alive and full of authority just as it has been with Jesus.Then God can speak through us and the words will strengthen the faith of the people. His Spirit itself will confirm the sound teaching! When I read the sermons of the faithful, I feel how the Spirit touches me, make me alive, lead me into the truth of the words. I love heroes of faith as Spurgeon!
We, ourselves, are responsible for our faith. We have to check what do I feed my mind with. Do I spend enough time to read the Bible, the word of God? Do I give room to the Holy Spirit, can He work in me when I read the Bible? Do you pray when you read the word of God? When you always can say yes, then you may be sure that the power and wisdom of the words will be revealed to you and you will be changed and strong in your faith.

Thank You, Jesus! You are the Word of Life, we meet You in the Bible!   There You speak to us and change us. We want to be like You!


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