No and don’t! – 2017.11.07

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name; you are mine!
Isaiah 43:1

Yes, so says the LORD. I am His. HE knows my name, He called me personally by my name because HE wants me. HE redeemed me, freed me from filth and misery; now I am His own. How wonderful!!!
Today I thought: “I am not from this city. I am not a citizen of this country. I am not 26 years old anymore. I am not Johann and I am not Viktor. I am not black or yellow, nor am I red. I don’t have much hair anymore….. So many negatives!
I tried out so many ways and the doors were blocked; they were wrong. I thought so many thoughts, but they were fantasy. So many words said, so many ideas, so much….. All useless, wasted time and wasted energy.
I was about to be saddened by these many negatives, but then the thought came:”Rejoice over what is, and don’t be annoyed about what is not! Concentrate on your things and don’t cry after them!”
Indeed, Jesus is right. He has given me gifts to focus on. HE created me this way and HE has His reasons for it. Yes, I want to thank Him for the Yes and that which is!
It is liberating to have a No or Don’t. That means it’s not my job, not my place! He has another good place for me. HE has a task for me that no one else can do, because nobody has this gift combination like me. He wants me. He needs me. He cares about me! – despite the many No’s; – or precisely because of them?
No! There’s a big no hanging over my life. Others said no to me. My mother didn’t want me at first; – for understandable reasons. Other people didn’t want me, I was too difficult. Other children didn’t want to play with me, other adults didn’t want to work with me… There’s so much rejection, disappointment and breakage!
But HE is there. He says:”I want you. I’ll buy you. I deliver you. I love you. You’re worth a lot to me!
He carried me through to this day because he loves me. And he will carry me on because he loves me. HE is my God whom I love.

Thank you Jesus! It is you who says to me,”Do not be afraid! I have redeemed you, I have called you by your name; you are mine!” Yes, Jesus, that is the redemption for me from all rejection, injury and disappointment: You love me, you are faithful to me and you will never leave me!


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