Solitude – 2017.11.06

Turn to me and be gracious to me;
for I am lonely and afflicted.
Psalms 25:16

Loneliness is one of the biggest problems today; – and perhaps it has always been. One does not feel understood; there is no one who values me; no one can comfort me; who visits me? Who shows me their appreciation? Who has a good word for me? Who sees my hidden talents and abilities? Who loves me?
These are the questions of the lonely. Even among thousands of people, you can be lonely because there is no individuality in the masses. Who does love me??
That’s the silent cry of the many who are lonely.
Jesus loves me. My head knows that. But why do I still feel so lonely, alone, misunderstood? Because the knowledge can’t go from the head to the heart. Or does love go through the head of a lovers’ couple into the heart? It goes straight to the heart, past the head.
It is like this in many things of faith: it must go into the heart and only then into the head and will. Jesus is with me; – this must be understood by my heart! And then I can be happy and confident in my work.
That is the reason why the Holy Spirit came. HE wants to make Jesus great in our hearts. HE wants to achieve everything in us that Jesus has promised. He even wants to bring faith where we can’t! That’s exactly what the lonely need!
That is why we want to ask for abundance of the Spirit. HE will make this true in us: I am with you all the days to the end of the world; – this is how Jesus ended the Gospel of Matthew. His word is still true today and applies to you.

Jesus, please give me more of your spirit! HE shall bring you to life in my heart! I’m not alone, I know it, but I don’t feel your presence so rarely. O LORD, I long for you and for community with you! Please help me! Yes, I accept in faith that you are with me. And I will put it into practice, I will talk to you, sing for you, and pretend to see you. And you will keep your word. Your presence will be felt. You’re with me!!


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