Thy kingdom come – 2017.01.28

So you should pray:
Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy kingdom come, …
Matthew 6: 9f.

Since there is no question mark, and no exclamation mark; – The matter is clear for God: His kingdom will certainly come. And let us pray that it will come soon, and that it comes to us.
The Kingdom of God is where God reigns. It is His dominion. It has no boundaries like the countries on earth. It is rather incomprehensible, there are many of God’s children, and there are becoming even more; – It’s about the whole world. Some of God’s children live in hiding (particularly in the Muslim world) and some show it openly. They are all like little messages of God’s kingdom with his co-workers. We stand for the kingdom of God! We are not only heirs of the kingdom, but also citizens of the kingdom! Now there is not primarily German and Russians, Lithuanians and British but mainly Christians, brothers and sisters! And the Jews or Israelis are not compromised, but are part of this herd of Jesus. He wants them to be one, Jesus says in the Gospel of John.
Jehovah’s Witnesses from the Watchtower Society and also some children’s books the represent the kingdom of God in a very naive and childlike way. But it will be very powerful and all-encompassing.
Can you imagine that there are diseases and conditions in the dominion of God? Or people are possessed by evil powers? That fear and anxiety reigns? That someone dies? No, in the presence of God can this cannot be. He is life, light, truth, mercy …. He will put an end to all evil.
We ask so much: Lord, thy kingdom come !! Oh, come quickly!
If someone has chronic pain, incurable grief, unquenchable sorrow, perhaps sitting unjustly in prison, was cheated, robbed and stripped … how much he will join in this prayer: Lord, come quickly!
It is certain that our Lord Jesus will come again soon. Maybe even in my lifetime. This is a great festival !! Then we finally finish everything that was wrong and we are at the heart of Jesus, who comforts us and heals all pain.
That is why we can now already sing with joy, for He is and remains the victor over all sickness, suffering, death and mourning: Jesus Christ, our beloved Lord!
Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly !!

Thank you, Jesus, I belong to you! You’ve bought me using your blood, – I belong to You, You will find me, extricate me from this suffering, because I belong to You When are you coming..? I am waiting for you, my Good Shepherd !!

Bible Reading Today: Genesis 7


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