Heaven – 2017.01.24

Jesus says:  Pray then like this:
Our Father in heaven,…
Matthew 6,9

When the first astronaut landed from space, the pope phoned him and asked whether he had seen God.  No, the astronaut answered.  That’s what I thought, replied the pope, but please don’t tell anyone!  Shortly after, the president of the Soviet Union phoned, asking the same question:  Did you see God up there?  What was the astronaut supposed to answer?  He had promised the pope… and so he replied that he had indeed seen Him.  Oh, said the president, I thought so, but please don’t tell anyone!!
Obviously just a fictitious story.  God is in Heaven,  but where is this heaven, and more importantly, what is it?
There are small creatures that live only in the first dimension.  They can only move in a straight line, forwards and backwards, but never to the side.  They are unable to see this.  They assume this dimension does not exist, because they can only move forward and backward…
Then there are those creatures that live in the second dimension.  They can move forward, sideways, backwards and turn around in a full circle.  That is a huge advantage over those in the first dimension.
Then there is the third dimension:  line, area and height.  These creatures sometimes cross the boundaries of the others, to their huge amazement.  What was that?  It is impossible to explain, hard to understand.  It must be a miracle, or a god.  Creatures in the second dimension sometimes harass those in the first dimension, pushing them to the side.  But they can be quite nice to them, depending on their mood …
There are many more dimensions than we can possibly imagine.  Perhaps this description of heaven as a higher dimension is the most comprehensible to us.  He permeates us.  It is possible for Him to intervene in our dimension at any time, and He does so constantly, for example keeping the planets and stars in their paths.
God is not far at all, it’s just not possible for us to understand or see Him.  His world, heaven, permeates ours.  We are constantly in contact with Him through prayer (which is like a telephone to heaven), and He is in contact with us through His Spirit, who speaks to us and allows us to make sense of the Bible.  God’s intervention is the most normal thing possible. He is not living behind the moon or even behind the furthest star.  He is here!  He hears us and He sees us,  He created us and He loves us, and He enjoys helping us!

Thank You Jesus, for being here!  And for looking out for me!  You can intervene and help at any time, because You are never far away.  You are Lord of heaven and earth.  You have the final say, and You enforce Your will, even in the most impossible circumstances.  You are my God!!

Bible study for today:  1. Genesis, 3


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