The power of sin – 2017.01.21

You have been set free from sin and have become slaves of righteousness.
Romans 6, 18

Sin is a broad word. It has many meanings. Some people eat too much and then talk of sin. Many do anything wrong and that is sin, just as Cain slew Abel; – Actual sins. Some live in sin, that is their life style; – As the man who unfaithful. Some live under the power of sin, they cannot help, bound and needing relief.
In the Bible sin is portrayed often like a person, as an evil demon. They tried to enslave us, so that we are evil.
Sin is always excused and justified by us; we are as if blind to our own sin. The guilt and sin of others on the other hand, we see very clearly. We need “enlightenment” about ourselves.
Jesus gave us the liberty from by the power of sin. A Christian no longer lives in sin, but he now and then (unfortunately) sins. A person who has not yet accepted Jesus, lives under sin, even if he is still good. But everything that is not under Jesus, is under the law of sin and its power. God will hold court and then bring all the sins (also those that are hidden from us,) to light. And then we will be amazed how unjust such a good person and role model is.
If it is said: Born in sin, means the so-called original-sin. Adam and Eve have lost control of the creation and of the adversary. And since then are all their descendants under the dominion of evil. We need liberation! For this Jesus came!
He has the power to break the power of sin. No matter how strong the chains that hold us, regardless of the claims and entitlements of evil one: Jesus paid for us to be redeemed. He has the promissory note that spoke against us, ripped and nailed to the cross. We are free.
With all our strength, we have to fight against sin, lest it enslaved us again. God gives His Holy Spirit, who helps us. Our old self wants us to persuade and seduce, to act against God repeatedly. We therefore only bind more strongly to Jesus, and be slaves of righteousness so that the evil cannot overwhelm us again. In Him alone we are sure!
If we follow Jesus, seeking His presence and let us always quickly be forgiven, so that the evil finds no foothold..
We belong to Him, our Lord Jesus. That is why the evil-one is really angry and tries to seduce us with all the tricks. But we cling to Jesus, our author and perfecter of our faith!

Thank you, Jesus, you brought the liberatyy from sin and the dominion of evil! You’ve washed me; – And you can cleanse me ever new! I want to hold on to you, because I am only sure in you.

Bible Reading Today: Genesis 1


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