Mercy – 2017.01.17

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Matthew 5,7

One day, when I stand before God, what else will I be needing from Him, besides mercy?  I am not worthy of Him.  My prayers are still weak.  My songs of worship are lacking, not sufficient for Heaven. My faith is sometimes shaky like a reed. My hope is quick to run out. My love is limited, and so is my patience.  What do I have to show for myself when I stand before Him?  When I imagine that I will have to answer for every word, every thought, every feeling and deed, then I begin to feel very, very  small.  Good that Jesus has deleted every bad deed from my life! So the story of my life has become rather short, but it is only the good that remains.
When I stand before God, I need His mercy.  And I need His mercy every single morning at the dawn of a new day.  And when I have plans for something that is beyond my abilities;  and when I am driving and in need of His protection; and in raising and disciplining my children; and when … whatever I do, I am always in need of His mercy!
How wonderful to be accepted as His child.  How wonderful it is to have been cleared of all debt, paid by Jesus.  How wonderful to have been given His Holy Spirit, so that I am able to understand Him, so that I am able to read my  Bible, so that I am able to believe and pray, so that I have new hope, comfort and strength.  His mercy is renewed every single day.  In sickness and sorrow, He has mercy with me.  When threatened, His merciful arm is near.  His mercy stands over my entire life.  Where there was darkness,  there is now light.  Hopelessness and loneliness have been filled by His presence.
The bigger Jesus becomes in us,  the more His qualities rub off on us.  So we are able to begin loving difficult people.  Powerful love, that is mercy.  He showed mercy to all those rejected for whatever reason.  Full of sympathy He healed the sick and conquered the darkness within the people.  His mercy shall become our mercy.  As He responded to others, so we shall respond to others:  Jesus’ love shall rule within us!

Thank You Jesus, for having mercy with me!  Where would I be had You not found me?  You shall live within me and Your love for others shall be an example to me!  I want to have sincere mercy with others, as You did, with me and all others.  Thank You Jesus, I have found mercy!!

Bible study for today:  Psalm 48,1-15


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