Peacemaker – 2017.01.16

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Matthew 5:9

What was it that Jesus did here on earth? He made peace between God and us humans. He pulled down the wall made of sin and guild. He freed us from darkness and pulled us into the light. He was the peacemaker!
Jesus, the Son of God, destroyed the fence between the people. He called them together, the Jews and the Gentiles, the Greeks and the Romans, the Americans and the Chinese, the men and the women, the employee and the employer, the soldiers, the tax collectors, the civil servants, … , just one huge flock of people! Such a flock was never before and will be never again. There are military and civil men side by side and talk like old friends. Wives make peace with their husband and accept responsibility for their family. Men stop putting themselves first, but think first of their family. Children start to love their parents! Where is such a revolution possible? Only with Jesus!
Those that want to be true children of God need to make peace. Peace between God and humans, peace between humans, and peace with oneself.
We don’t need to give in and do bad compromises. A Peacemaker is active and strong! Spineless and weak people are seldom called for this. This calling needs a strong personality, that got formed by Jesus.
Remember Abraham and Isaac. Often there were conflict about the pastures and wells for their livestock. They didn’t allow the conflict to escalate and asked the other: “Do you want to go right, then I’ll go left. God will take care of me and my animals!” Or they said: “When you want this well, I’ll go over there and build a new one. Someday God will give me peace.”
Peacemaker and Child of God are titles of honor which one needs to earn. One has to sacrifice oneself and life Gods life. And one has to stand up for ones ‘enemy’ and view others with the eyes of God.
Peacemaker are active in prayer and in conversation. What does our country need more than those people?

Thank You Jesus, for You made peace for me! Peace with God, peace with me myself, and peace with my neighbor. It’s good, that You are an example and gave good instructions in the bible! Yes, I want to walk on your path and become a peacemaker!


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