Gods Presence – 2017.01.09

“Here is your God!”
Isaiah 40:9
Gods presence puts everything else in the background. When He is there everything else becomes unimportant or ceases to exist.
Gods Presence is full of joy, true peace, splendor, power, courage, hope, faith, love, and mercy. And gloom, pain, sickness, death, suffering, fear, sorrow, unrest, loneliness, and all other problems go away.
When we take a few quite moments without talking to let Him work, we can experience Him. We can experience Him in a living service, too. It’s written in a psalm that he thrones above the worship. That means, that He is there where He is praised. Often we notice His presence through joy and blessing when we sing songs of worship.
I can’t imagine that suffering, gloom, and sickness can prevail before His throne. I think, everything will be transformed into Gods glory immediately. The sick will be healed, the gloomy will be joyful, and those that suffer will be comforted and full of hope. In front of Gods throne all the devils work will vanish. And people will be whole, free, and joyful.
Let us not rest before Gods presence fills His temple, His congregation, and the bodies of Christians!
Just like Stephanus, who saw the heavens. He didn’t notice anything about the conviction or the stoning, because he was in front of Gods throne. Gods glory overcame him and shone from his face. (see Acts 6:15 and 7:54-60)
When we pray we need to expect His presence. He wants to heal, save, and help. Only our disbelieve can stop Him. All we need to do is to trust Him and to stop giving our doubts any room. When we pray with certainty God can do great things. Our God is here – let us trust Him in everything. He is really there!
Thank You Jesus, for You are with us! We are only human and can’t do anything on our own. So we pray to You, because You are there, and You have the power and the will to do change. We trust in You and search for Your presence to be filled by Your good spirit. You are with us until the worlds end.
Bible reading today: Psalms 43:1-5

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