False shame – 2017.01.07

We all, with unveiled faces reflect the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into His own image.
2 Corinthians 3, 18

What happened first, when Adam and Eve sinned? They hid because they were ashamed. Eve made them cloaks, so that no one saw her nakedness.
Small children have no shame. They are “innocent”. They can accept others as they are. They do not think about how they themselves come across to others.
The shame comes when we are ashamed of something and want to hide it. Guilt, sin, imperfection … Others do not need to know!
God makes us again “innocent” by subjecting our burden of sin on Jesus. Now we need no longer hide. We do not need to demonstrate false strength and safety any more. We can apologize and be humble. We are, after all, already free of debt.
So innocent and pure as we are through Jesus, we can meet the Lord. And His glory is reflected on our face. So, in this intimate communion with the Lord, we are transformed into His image from glory. Just look at the brothers and sisters, see if they praise the Lord intimately! How happy is their face, as bright they are, as resolved, free and pure! So you will look, if you joyfully praise the Lord in His Community, without shame, without guilt, without condemnation and condemnation!
It is not about living a perfect life. The aim is to carry the cleansing of Jesus and to be filled by Him with joy, peace and love. Then goes the shame that self-condemnation and this Don´t-Say-Your-Feelings, the loneliness in the crowd. You are part of it! You are one of the chosen children of God!

Yes, Jesus, I want to reflect your glory! Thank You for taking away my debt,  make me pure, not condemning me! Thank You for filling me with Your Spirit of joy! Now I can sing and dance, because I need no longer be ashamed and hide nothing. You are there, my intercessor and Savior!

Bible Reading Today: Psalm 41: 1 – 14


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