Joy of His help – 2017.01.05

My heart rejoices in the Lord;
in the Lord my horn is lifted high.
My mouth boasts over my enemies,
for I delight in your deliverance.

1 Samuel 2, 1

Hannah remained childless, it was a very big problem for women. But she asked for a son from the Lord, and He answered her prayers, giving her a child. When she was in the temple, she prayed her song of thanksgiving.
Yes, the Lord hears prayer! If we are only serious! Sometimes we babble all day any requests and no longer know the next day, what we have prayed. But when there are serious difficulties, we constantly pray the same question: Lord, will you help? We seek Him in prayer, study His Word and ask for help. If no one can help, we throw all our suffering on him. He is the only one who can still help. We do not know how He chooses, but we remember: Only He hears my prayer.
Hannah brought all her distress before the Lord, and He helped. She had given him a promise and that she has not forgotten; – God kept his word and she also kept her word. The word we give to God is holy. We must never forget or push it aside lightly. That’s cheating on Lord!
The help of the Lord filled her heart with great joy. She was certain: Everything is possible for him. He is on my side. With Him I am in the right place with my difficulties. This joy God gives you has great power. Now she can laugh about all difficulties and can respond to her enemies. There is nothing, which is too heavy for the Lord! He helps!! The worries seem like big mountains, He is even bigger!
Hannah is looking forward to his help. She has experienced it: God helps. And now she knows for her whole life: I am pleased, because He is, and He always helps! Since they can confidently look to the future, worry no more about the present: He is here!

Thank you, Heavenly Father, that You are close to me! You hear every little prayer and move it in your heart. Your Help is never far away. Yes father, you want I belong to you and to turn confidently my whole life long!

Bible Reading Today: Psalm 40, 9 – 18


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