A firm confidence – 2016.12.30

But faith is: standing firm in what one hopes, the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11: 1

With faith, that is a strange thing. Sometimes it is easy to believe and another time it is difficult for us to believe. Many believe in the lottery, in their own strength, to happiness, the skill of the doctors, in the Government …. There is much where we believe easily and rely on it. And with faith in Jesus? That it not so. It is not so simple. We want to believe, and then unbelief creeps again .
We want to believe that God guides everything for the best, and then we make allegations to Him, if something goes wrong. We want to believe that Jesus defeated sickness, but our faith is too small. We want to believe that we are safe in Jesus, and then we worry, we find the  faith difficult.
We need two things for faith: A strong personal encounter with the Lord, so that we can always trust Him. And the Holy Spirit, He causes faith in us.
When Paul found Jesus, he had this strong personal encounter (Acts. 9). Jesus himself spoke to him, and he saw this radiant light of God. He could never forget. The Lord would not hesitate to reveal to us when we seek Him. Then He may be found. This encounter with him, we want to write deep into the heart and should never forget.
Jesus wants us to have a strong faith, firm trust in Him. Just as a small child in India. There was drought and the village arose to pray on a particular day for rain. But only the child had umbrellas with them, because they believed the Lord.

This almost childlike faith in Him causes the Holy Spirit. He lays in our hearts. It is only our job to watch over it. For our own thinking, the enemy trys to destroy him. Did God say that … ??? Such small issues make us think and at the end is unbelief. Since it is better to rely on him and not let these questions stay. Once we deal with it, circling our thoughts to ourselves or the problem and we lose sight of Jesus. As long as we see Him, faith is not a problem for us! Therefore it is said some verses later (Heb. 12.1) Let us looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith!

Thank you, Jesus, you live in my heart! How fortunate that I can trust you in every situation, in every respect and for all time! You never disappointed me. Help me to have strong, firm faith in you! Send me your Holy Spirit to help me to believe! You are the Lord.

Bible Reading Today: Psalm 38: 1 – 22



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