His is the Victory – 2016.12.29

Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of the Messiah.  For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.
Revelations 12,10

The day the devil falls and his accusations and lies are over, has yet to arrive.  He is still able to seduce the world with his lies and accuse our brothers and sisters before God.  But what we do have is an advocate:  Jesus Christ.
Jesus has already claimed victory on the cross, and so have we, if we remain close to Him.  The devil will keep trying to rub our noses in our failures and sins.  He does not want us to forget even the smallest of sins.  He is forever reminding us of our failures, our dumb past, our inability and unholiness.  Listening to him is no good.
Because Jesus is there!  He wants to take us under His wing and constantly remind the accuser:  this matter has long been settled!  I carried this debt on the cross.  It is atoned.  It is erased before God.  You are a liar!
Christians who listen to the lies of the devil are to be pitied.  How can they achieve happiness?  They are forever depressed and feel guilty.  They are too scared to try anything, because they are losers.  That is what the devil wants,- but our Lord does not like this at all.
That is why Jesus sends us His Holy Spirit who grants us the knowledge that He has truly and fully forgiven us.  The Spirit gives truth to His Word:  I am cleansed by His valuable blood.  God has taken my sins and failures and thrown them into the deepest ocean.  He has forgotten my debts, erased them from His book.  I am like a newborn child, new every morning, innocent and pure!
Thus I am able to praise God every morning.  I can experience the joy of His love and go about the day confident in His love.  He is present, He who loves me, comforts, protects and leads me.  He is my friend and helper.

Thank You Jesus, for truly forgiving me.  No one can remind me of my sin, including the accuser of our brothers and sisters, the liar, the old snake.  I want to listen to You!  You are the God who loves me!

Bible study for today:  Psalm 37,30-40


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