He is the Light! – 2016.12.25

The people walking in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
a light has dawned.
Isaiah 9:1

The above verses exactly describe the situation at time when Jesus was born. The shepherds who were outside at night in the darkness, they saw the heaven open and the light in God`s glory. He came to us as His Son Jesus Christ,  a bright shining light, our hope!
God does not simply stay in heaven noticing how we are living tormented on earth. He does not slumber and gives from time to time nice comments on injustices and wars. No, He himselves in His Son came into our chaos, brought us light and hope. Jesus had not been a political Messiah, however His deciples and followers richly influenced the political life. So for instance a British deputy, a faithful servant of Jesus, fought his whole life against slavery and was finally successful. The slavery was forbidden. There are many possibilities how we can show the love of Jesus in the daily life. We are followers of Jesus bringing light in all corners of the world proclaiming that Jesus saves.
He saves us too. When we are in the darkness and there is no light He definitely is present. When everything is collapsing and our life is a total disaster He comes and helps. He repairs all damages. He gives new hope, new orientation, new life. Only in close conjunction with Him, our wonderful Master and Lord, the sense of our life will be fulfilled.
When death casts its shadows Jesus is there. He is the victor over all dark powers and over death too. He takes His children in His arms and carries them safely through illness, all sufferings and death. How glorious He is! Good to have Him at our side!
He has all power in heaven and on earth. He can change every life. He is stronger than all dark mightiness which wants to bind us. He offers freedom and reconciliation. He is Lord very close to us. He did not write books or teached mere philosophical wisdom. Instead He healed the sick and set free from bondage. He does that still today. He is at our side in the battle against illness, sufferings, darkness, and death.
He likes to be closely at the side of His children. He likes to have intimacy with us in silence when we pour out our heart and listen to His words in full confidence. He is Lord who reigns over all!

Thank You, Jesus, You are present! You are very, very close to me. I can talk with You, listen to You, feel your presence. You will come back soon and welcome Your children. Then our life will come to completion. You will speak right and enforce the right on earth. Wonderful times will come! Yes, You are the Prince of Peace!

Bibel reading today – Luke 2: 1-20


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