Worry and trouble – 2016.12.22

So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6 34

Jesus understands us! He knows what kind of life we lead. He knows there are so many good things for which we are grateful and which we look forward. But He also knows how many worries and troubles a normal day has for us.
He wants for us to have a different lifestyle. He does not want that we are consumed with worry and trouble. Our thinking should be free of unnecessary worry, and our days will be filled with gratitude and joy and no trouble. Therefore, “so” the verse begins.
” do not worry and do not ask you: What shall we eat? What should we drink? What shall we wear? Because for all these things the Gentiles worry. Your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first his kingdom; then everything will be added. “
Yes, our heavenly Father really wants to be fully our father. He has infinite wealth, that he can provide us with. He waits for our trust in His goodness. He wants us to unload our cares onto Him and accept His grace.
Once the disciples went over a lake. But they had forgotten to take some food. Jesus reproached them for their concerns. Because He had just got a few thousand people fed with some rolls. He rebuked their little faith.
Another time they went over the sea and a storm came. The disciples thought now the end is here, they were so full of worries and anxiety. But Jesus was asleep! He rested securely in the hand of the Father. When they woke him, HE blamed again for their little faith.
Jesus says, trust in Heavenly Father distributes our concerns. He is not only concerned about us and gives us everything we need, but He also wants to take the troubles of everyday life and replace them with blessings. How beautiful it is when the work is going well and is not constantly interrupted by small mishaps! Yes, He wants to replace the trouble with blessing.
How fortunate that we have a Heavenly Father and Jesus is our advocate! Away with useless worries! But now freshly to work because God wants His blessing on our work place!

Thank you, Jesus, You are a loyal, good advocate for me with the Father! You think of all the thousand little things and care for me well. You bless my work, so that I can do it joyfully! How great to live together with you !!

Bible Reading Today: Psalm 35: 1 – 17


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