My Rock and my Fortress – 2016.12.21

Since You are my rock and my fortress,
for the sake of Your name lead and guide me.
Psalm 31:4

How glorious are above reassuring words for all those who go their way with God! He will guide and lead us safely for the sake of His holy name.
Sometimes we are somewhat stubborn and do not listen to God`s will. However in His love He finds means to bring us back on to the right way. He knows what is best for us. But when we cling to sin it is difficult for Him to lead us.
We are weak people and sometimes stubborn too, short-sighted and do not understand. God, however, sees all, has the full overview. Only He can therefore guide us safely. We trust Him as we love and know Him even though we do not always understand everything. But we know: He is a good God!
In times of need He always was my rock on which I stood securely even though the storm sometimes was mighty and the waves raged heavily around me. In Jesus, my rock, I was safe. He always had been my fortress. He always was there when I looked for shelter.  I find rest under His wings and security in His hands, could get rid of all my grief. He consoled and gave new courage.
In grace He does that all. I have not earned it, nor worked it out. He freely gives in His love. As an imperfect person I make wrong decisions sometimes. But God forgives and continues leading me nevertheless. His name is called over me, it is about His honor! Therefore, I do not want to complain and moan, see my incompleteness instead, will not wrangle with my fate as God determines my way. When I am sick, I will not forget that He can heal. I trust Him and do not moan even if He does not do that.
When I am in trouble I will remember His frequent help, will not complain that He did not prevent the harm this time. He is in control! I`ll bear it. He is my fortress, my rock. He always leads me safely and show me the right way.

Thank You, Father in Heaven, I can trust You! You know my way and guide me as You love me. You can give me the power to meet all challenges. I always will see your helping Hand.

Bible reading – Psalm 34: 1-23


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