God vs Money – 2016.12.20

Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked.
Galatians 6,7

God is holy;  He is judge, over all the thoughts and emotions of the heart.  He has the power and is the only One whose judgment is true and just.
The story of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 makes me a bit uneasy.  God is a very precise judge!  And I would rather examine my way of life to make sure all is right.  In those days, many of Jesus’ followers sold their property to enable the congregation to buy food for the poor.  So the couple Ananias and Sapphira also sold their property.  They did as though they wanted to give everything to God, but in truth they kept a small portion to themselves.  Peter thought it not necessary for them to sell their property, and it would not have been necessary for them to give away everything.  But they lied to God because they pretended to give everything.  Both of them fell to the ground, dead, and a holy fear took hold of the congregation and all who heard the story.
Some people think that, because they cannot see God, and because financial matters usually take place under two or four eyes, one can take the chance to be a little bit less than honest.  To say one thing and do another … but God cannot be mocked.  He is holy!
It is precisely in financial matters that the attitude of the leaders toward money is mirrored.  Temptation is great, and not everyone remains immune.  Thanks to Jesus we have forgiveness, if we confess honestly and change our ways.  But he who wants to lie his way through will need to answer to God.  Everything that happens in secret and that we do not want others to know, is sin;- that is a simple and honest way of saying it.
Many make promises to God and do not keep them.  “ I will give You much if You save and bless me”, has been said by many.  And when God has saved and blessed, He is allowed to expect the promised … can that end well?
Many want to support a good deed and promise large sums.  But they always forget and spend the promised sum elsewhere.  They want to do great and holy deeds, but they are empty vessels.
He who promises his tithes must deliver.  God keeps His promises.  So we must keep our word if He is our God.  Otherwise the name of God is mocked in the visible as well as the invisible world.  Perhaps it is better to rather not promise anything?
Not everyone who deceives in money matters is doomed to an immediate death.  God is patient and awaits our repentance.  But the financial blessing is immediately reversed and stress and worries set in.  Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked!!

Thank You, Father in Heaven, for Your great blessing!  Yes, You take good care for me and those who trust in You.  Let us not constantly think about money, but rather serve You!  You shall be our God, not money!!

Bible study for today:  Psalm 33, 1-22 (note V 18)


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