Faith – 2016.12.13

Then Jesus said (to Martha), “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”
John 11,40

Faith is a word that encompasses many, many aspects and facets. The word “faith” can mean many different things.  So it is wise to think about this, because Jesus not only values our faith, but attaches great promises to it.
What we believe is moulded by our view of life, by the way we see things.
The atheist starts out by saying there is no God.  He needs to explain everything without God.  Thus healing through prayer does not exist.  Rather it should be called “spontaneous healing”.  Creation does not exist, but rather a chain of great coincidences that somehow coincidentally induced life… If only he knew how great his faith needs to be for such propositions!  True atheists are rare.  Most people believe in some or other form of God.  They call Him “Lord God” or “Dear God” or similar.  But they are far removed from Him.  He does not interest them.  They think they can live quite comfortably without Him.  They do not look for Him and want their peace from Him.  They are usually upstanding and exemplary citizens so that they may say of themselves:  I am a good person.  Their view of the world:  God has His duties in His own territory and man has his territory here.
Then there are those Christians who have found God.  But their view of the world is not quite right.  They have grown up with the belief that God has His territory for which He is responsible, and man needs to take care of himself here on earth.  They attend church, pray for the salvation of sins, believe the correct things about God and Jesus and live, wherever possible, without sin, pure and blameless.  They read the Bible and pray.  Yet they do not realise that God wants to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives.  In sickness they generally pray for healing, but in truth they think the doctor is responsible for healing.  Miracles are possible, because God is almighty;- He can if He wants to.
And then there are the full-Christians (for want of a better word).  They believe God’s reality permeates our reality here.  There is only one realm;- God and man, heaven and earth are no longer separate, but permeate one another and influence each other.  Even if they are separated by a curtain of sin, God permeates our world;- this is made possible through Christ’s reconciliation.
My wish for us is a view of the world, an understanding of God, that enables us to see the glory of God!

Thank You Jesus, for reconciling heaven and earth!  Because of You we may stand before God without debt and damnation!  You have broken down the boundaries between heaven and earth and reconciled us with You!  I am so glad that You are there!

Bible study for today:  Psalm 30,1-13


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