Hearing His Voice – 2016.12.12

“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.”
Hebrews 4:7

Today… is not modern times but today, this day! On this day it’s possible to hear the Lords voice. This is written in John 10. The Lord herds His sheep on a pasture every day, and He says: “The sheep listen to my voice, know it, and follow it.” Jesus is sure that the sheep, His disciples, listen to His voice every day.
The bible cautions us to listen to the Lords voice. Without His voice there is no conversation and no community with Him. When He stops talking to us we are dead to Him. That is why it’s so important to hear His voice!
We don’t often hear His voice with our ears. Most often He uses others and talks though them. Our conscience is another way He talks to us. If we pay attention to it we know what’s His standards are. He talks to our mind and suddenly we know things that He placed in our heart. He talks through nature where we recognize His voice, His love, His character, and sometimes nature serves as an allegory for our personal situation. He talks in prayer. It’s not like we talk the whole time. In the silence He shows us things. The uses the bible to talk to us as well. Not every verse is important every day. But sometimes God steers us to read a verse that talks to us. God opens our eyes and suddenly we know: This verse is for me!
Truly, God talks and we should listen so our hearts will not become hard and unable to hear His voice! But we shouldn’t spent the whole day listening, we should act according to His will as well. That’s the only way to make true progress. God wants to stay in conversation the whole day to be near us. But we have to practice that.
When we don’t believe Him we can make our hearts hard. This can happen when we refuse to do what He wants us to do. Over time He will stop talking to us….

Thank You Jesus, You yourself are Gods word! You talk to me and shows Your way to me. Help me to understand your voice better and give me the courage to act according to Your word! Lord, I don’t want a hard, disobedient heart. Give me a heart that loves and follows You!

Bible reading today: Psalms 29:1-11


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