“The fat Ego” – 2016.12.11

Just then a man came up to Jesus and asked: “Teacher, what good thing I must do to get eternal life?” … Jesus answered: “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come and follow me.”
Matthew 19: 16 + 21

Jesus really did not want to do any harm to the rich young man. Nor He wanted His money in the first place. He wanted to save him for He loved him much. Therefore He challenged Him so heavily with this advice: Sell everything!
The journey with Jesus ist steep and narrow. The path leads over mountains and hills, through dark valleys and narrow canyons, over narrow bridges and through great storms – but always towards God! There are breaks, moments to rest, however they never are there to enjoy them for ever. We have to continue our journey.
The first desciples left their work, their nets, their parents when Jesus asked them to follow Him. We, ourselves, might live sofar with too many compromises. Jesus is aware of our difficulties. He is concerned that problems capture us and that we will miss the goal. Therefore we should check everything that we like but what keeps us away to follow Jesus. We should say goodbye to our fat ego which is the cause of self-pity, pride, bitterness, greed, stinginess, avarice,quarrelsomeness, irreconcilability, and fear ….
Who wants to follow Jesus has to overcome his ego so that it will not rule over ourselves anymore. We will stopp feeding it with sweets, will disregard any tendency of ego trips, will give no room for revenge, selfishness, or any other bad feelings. This is a hard fight which you only can win if Jesus becomes strong in us, if He sits on our throne and not our fat ego.
To fight successfully against the fat ego we need the help of God`s Spirit. He equips us with everything we require. He does it in His way and not as the fat ego wants it. He gives peace, rest, love, acceptance, mercy, forgiveness, redemption. He fights for us! We, ourselves, only trust Him.

Thank You, Jesus, that You care for me. I need not to worry, need no to be afraid. Thank You that You redeemed me from guilt and self condemnation. Thank You for your presence which drives away my loneliness. Thank You for Your Spirit who makes me happy.

Bible reading today – Psalm 28: 1-9


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