The Power of Love – 2016.12.07

For the spirit, God gave us, does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.
2 Timothy 1:7

It seemed that Timothy had been down- and disheartened. Therefore Paul reminded him of the blessing he received through laying on his hands.He made him clear again that the Spirit of God means power, love, and prudence and strengthens us to withstand persecution and affliction for Jesus. Paul himselves is in prison and is nevertheless certain that the work of Jesus to which he was called, will be fulfilled. He writes: Keep to the sound teaching with faith and love. Preserve the precious what is in you through the power of the Holy Spirit.
We do not preach a light sweet gospel: No problem, everything will be fine with a little bit of faith. No, as inhabitants of a fallen world we are suffering deeply from the separation of God and strongly need the full gospel. Yes, we receive a pre taste of heaven, experience healings and miracles, God`s mighty presence, are awarded with joy and peace, receive His power and love. In heaven we will have all that perfectly. Here I rejoice when people get healed and find Jesus, a victory in God`s Kingdom. It is a miracle and not a permanency.
The Spirit of God is often called the “Power of God” in the Bible. He can heal the thick, can stopp the storm, commands the demonic power, encourages, brings joy and deep peace. He leads us into the power of the Bible word, gives us certainty that we are saved. He makes the word come true in and through us.
In the Gospels of Jesus and in the Acts of the Apostles we learn how this power works. Men have to follow God`s Will and He will hear their prayers. They will be the channel of His Strength, the most mighty Power in the world. We receive it if we completely surrender to God, if we allow Him to do with us what He wants. Then the river of grace is cleansing us from all which is not honoring God. (Watch out: Only pray that if you really mean it!) This power is pure love! He heals sicknesses, awake the dead., was present in the service of the 7 deacons in Acts 6. . He is a mercy stream as seen in the service of mother Theresa, He changes the world as done through Hudson Taylor. He saves families and marriages. He frees from drunkenness and drug addiction, saves workaholics and stressed manager. He protects the children. He makes His children to witnesses, empower them. It is really massive what God`s Power can do!

Thank You, Jesus, for the Your Holy Spirit. In Him is the power, who acts in love and prudence. He gives courage, peace, and strength. Yes, more of You and Your Spirit!

Bible reading today – Psalm 24: 1-10


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