Creator or Coincidence – 2016.11.28

When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God.  Male and female he created them, and blessed them and named them Man when they were created.
Genesis 5,1f

The Bible, God’s word, tells us that He created man.  It was no coincidence, but rather a planned, purposeful Creation.  All of God’s works and creations have a purpose, significance and intent!  Nothing is left to coincidence.
In contrast to this is the teaching of coincidence.  Everything originated by coincidence, ourselves included.  Coincidence becomes the creator.  Nothing has purpose, significance or intent.  There is no God, no afterlife;-  everything ends with death.  Man is the sum total of reflexes and an accumulation of chemical substances, mainly water.  So it comes to sayings like:  the road is the goal … so it comes to the way of thinking:  let us drink and be merry, for tomorrow we are dead!
Many live according to this principle of coincidence.  They don’t purposefully deny God, but He is far away, and has no role to play in their lives.  This way of thinking has a strong influence in our spiritual lives.  Because if our life has no meaning, then we are meaningless. We live only for ourselves.  No one has the right to decide what is right or wrong.  There is no good or bad.  The consequences for us are catastrophical:  high suicide rates, corruption and self-enrichment, fraud and theft, one living at the cost of another, a brutal economy, unsympathetic dying, suppression of facts like death and eternity … and perhaps we are part of this coincidental belief system!  We are meaningless, have no goal, know nothing about good or bad, are lonely and alone in a mass of people, have no life goal … our life is emptiness, loneliness and meaninglessness.
The Bible says:  you are God’s Creation.  As with everything else God took great care in creating you.  Everything has been planned in the smallest detail.  Even if father and mother forsake you, He will never forsake His child.  This faith in the personal Creator removes us from hopelessness, loneliness, meaninglessness, egoism, bitterness, laziness and inferiority complexes.  Finally we are on firm ground, on which we can build a life!
Jesus is our God and Creator.  He is concrete, a God to touch and get to know.  He answers our most pressing questions.  Ask Him, and He will answer you through His gospel.

Thank You Jesus, for being there!  You know me through and through, for You have created me.  I am precious to You, and You handle me with the utmost care.  I am so glad to have found You!

Bible study for today:  Psalm 18, 26-51


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