Togetherness – 2016.11.27

It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who arises out of him.
Genesis 2:18

God created the man, Adam. They lived together in total harmony. And yet God realized that Adam needs an Eva, “mother of the living”. Therefore  the Lord made a woman out of his rib that she was bone out of his bone. Not Adam created Eva! Instead helper one may say companion as well, so that nobody can think that one is more important than the other.  Each of them has special features of the Creator which only jointly guarantee a good life.
God wants the man to be in relation to Him to give him directions, show him the meaning of life. On the other side the human beings should have close connection among each other in order not to be alone and not to feel lonely. Man is destined to live in community!
Nearly all ideologies have their own views about a good lifestyle. For the feminist the man seems to be only an operational accident, at best a procreation machine. Many sheikhs only want to be together with women sexually. The economic life considers man and woman as workers only. Before giving more wrong examples of ideologies it is more fruitful to find out how God is thinking about that. Generally He values man and woman in the bible in the same way. “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.” “Each one respects the other higher than himself.!” “Bear one another`s burdens!” In this way God sees the relationship between man and woman. If we take His words as mentioned above seriously we will have heaven on earth.
However, in the same way as we injure the harmony with God, we harm the harmony with the next and the spouse. We alone are not able to live fully sincerely together. The others can act correctly, our own mistakes are sufficient to destroy the harmony. Or are we really totally trustful? Have we never lied, twisted a little bit the truth? Did we never thought badly about the other? If we really would not have done that we would be in heaven already as holies. But in fact we have our faults and failures, corners and edges. How anybody could ever live with us in total harmony?? Therefore Jesus came! He is the one who can lead us again into harmony. He takes away each debt and failure. He encourages us and gives us directions for a good life. Strive for peace with everyone! Forgive the neighbor 7 time 77 times each day!
The harmony of man and woman is untouchable as Jesus is the Creator of same provided we want it and bow down.

Thank You, Jesus, with You all is possible! You can heal all relationships if we are prepared to forgive each other. You forgive me and I will forgive the neighbor. You will help me thereby.

Bible reading today – Psalm 17


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