The Good Shepherd – 2016.11.25

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.
Matthew 9,36 and Mark 6,34

These words spoken by Jesus mirror His compassion with us in such a way that He spoke them on numerous occasions.
We as humans long for total harmony.  Not only in nature and within ourselves, but also with God and with other people.  This harmony existed in Paradise between Adam, Eve, Creation and God.  Today everything is destroyed, and most people are not even able to live in harmony and peace with themselves, let alone others and God.
This situation can be attributed to sin, the meaning of which is “separation”.  Already in Paradise man rebelled against a single little command.  The most delicious fruits were growing everywhere, but man wanted those fruits forbidden by God.  And that old snake, that liar and fraud, persuaded them with false, lovely words… that is how sin and separation entered a world in harmony.  Ever since there is no generation without war, divorce, murder, earthquakes, sickness, depression, suicide, adultery, theft, etc.  No more harmony!  And yet we long for harmony  more than anything else!  Of course we fault our fellow man, politics, our “dear” God and all other possibilities.  And we try to create a little harmonious place, perhaps a little garden… but even there we have a neighbour who manages to get on our nerves.  Some seek Shangri-La, the hidden valley in the Himalayas, where legend has it harmony still reigns.  But to date no one has found it…
Jesus sees into the deepest depths of His people.  Only He knows what they need, and above all how they can achieve harmony again.  That is why He has compassion on them, because they are like sheep without a shepherd.  They fumble about, are disappointed and hungry, become prey to wild animals, get stuck in the brush, caught in thorn bushes…  where are shepherds who really have the best interests of their herd in mind?  Jesus is the only Good Shepherd, who even gave His life for His sheep.  Only He knows the way back.  We want to entrust ourselves to Him!

Jesus, the Bible says You alone are the Good Shepherd.  I have tried everything possible to find peace.  But there is no peace in me.  Please, if You want to be my Good Shepherd, come into my heart and fill me with Your boundless peace!!  Then I want to belong to Your herd.

Bible study for today:  Psalm 15


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