He hold`s me tight! – 2016.11.23

Because He loves me I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledge my name.
When he calls on me I will answer him.
I am with him in trouble.
I will deliver and honor him.
Psalm 91 14f

Here God speaks. He talks with His beloved child. Do you wish to hear such comforting words too?
God speaks here to a man who loves, is clinged to Him and never will let him go whatever will happen, he will hold Him tight.
Where else is help, compassion, and mercy? Who else can save in thickness, suffering, and death?
Jesus promises: When I fully trust Him He cares for me irrespective in which situation I am. Nothing is too difficult for Him, He is victorious always. Yes indeed, I am save with Him.
And so I start the day: I bind myself to Jesus my Lord from the beginning, I stay in contact with Him the whole day through and listen to Him. I do it while driving, while working, or washing dishes…  . He, surely, is always at my side. I talk to him loudly or silently and listen to His answers as best friends are doing. Only when I get distracted, forget Him then I am in great danger. Then easily I am overwhelmed by bad thoughts, my work is not done correctly, I am not in the truth anymore. And so it goes on until you are lost completely. No, no not that! Then we rather should stay closely with Jesus and will not allow that anything stands between Him and us. The more something try to separate us from Him the more we will stick to Him.
Jesus likes people who sticks to Him. He never will get tired to be a Savior for us. He knows what kind of weak men we are without Him, incapable, unholy, proud and boasting, quickly changing our opinion. He notices that all and knows that without Him we have no hope how great and strong we think we are. It is all merely a deception. When it gets serious they will withdraw.
He likes people who long for true life, who seeks Him as His children do in good and bad times, who praise, sing songs, read His word and enjoy a cheerful time with Him. He likes that and will bless richly. And who dares to touch His children! He surely will protect them for He loves them deeply.

Thank You, Jesus, You are my Savior, my Helper, my Redeemer, my best Friend! Never I will forget You. Only in You I am safe, have joy, forgiveness, peace, true acceptance. You hold me when I cling to you. Yes, You are my Lord, my Shepherd, my King and Redeemer!

Bible reading today – Psalm 13


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