Our Daily Life – 2016.11.21

Give us today our daily bread.
Matthew 6:11

God promised long ago, that He will provide for us every day. He won’t let us starve! This verse reminds us, that our heavenly father is the reason we are alive today. He provides for everything!
It doesn’t end with food, but He’ll provide dink, clothing, room to live, work, and health. He wants to be responsible for every part of our daily life. We should let Him!
It’s a verse against small faith. We might think, that we have to take care of everything, so it becomes hard for us to truly trust God. Only when we are in need we pray and ask for help. We should change our lifestyle, so we are prepared for everything. Thinking that we work to earn money so we can buy what we need is deeply ingrained in us. But it’s Got that is behind it all. He makes the sun shine and the rain fall. But God wants to play a much bigger, more personal, role in our life.
A couple of days ago I lost something and I started searching for it. And I remembered that in the past when I lost something I always prayed and found it almost always immediately afterwards. This time it was the same. I hadn’t finished praying when I found it. A woman I know always prayed when she looked for parking in the city and she found good parking every time. First I was skeptical, but now I do it as well, and nearly every time when I go to the city I find good parking. (However, God isn’t a machine that grants wishes. Maybe this is the reasons praying doesn’t “work” every time.) Regularly, God had warned me of animals crossing the road when I drove in the night. This Wednesday evening I had to drive through a forest. But already a couple of hundred meters before I suddenly thought of deer. Immediately I lowered my speed, and then where the deer crossing the road. Without the warning I would have had a tasty deer for dinner… and a broken car. God takes care of my health as well. He cured many illnesses, but some remained. He prevented many accidents, but some He let happen. Some illnesses I haven’t even gotten, but some I did. I can live with it, because I know, if it was serious God would heal me.
Because of this direct and daily life with God my heart is really thankful to God. He became really my father. I love, thank, and praise Him!

Yes, Father in the heavens, I can confide everything to You, because You love me! You take great care for me so I am well. And I am very thankful for the way You’re steering my life, and for the new surprises and gifts that are waiting for me. Yes, You are the reason for my life and the reason that I have plenty of everything I need. You provide for me so good, I have so much I can give some away without missing it. Yes, You are a good and loving God!

Bible reading today: Psalms 11


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