Joy instead of Funeral Clothes – 2016.11.19

You changed my mourning into dancing.
You took off my funeral clothes and dressed me up in joy.
Psalms 30:12

It is the Lord who saves us! King David, who wrote this psalm as Thanksgiving prayer, knew it precisely. Not anyone and no accident had saved him, but the Lord. It’s nice when the Lord intervenes and takes us out of distress. Then again we know: He loves us! We really are His children!
Too often, however, we would like to thank the wrong person. Somehow it is closer to us, to believe in coincidences than to the goodness of God; – That is somehow far away from our thinking. But we want to renew our thinking and include the heavenly dimension. Everywhere and in all things and at all times God works! This thinking we want to practice and train, because it does not arise by itself.
The more we see God working, the more gratitude and joy arises in us. And the more gratitude, the more grows our trust in Him, our wonderful Savior. And the more trust, the more we ask Him for help in any situation. And the more the help of God, the more we see Him working … ..
God is a God nearby. He is really, really close to us. And where God is, there is joy and jubilation. How well that He is soooooo close to me! I am pleased with Him, who has helped me so many times, who turns my mourning into dancing, takes off my funeral clothing and always provides me with His joy! He is the God who loves me!

Thank you, Jesus, You’re there! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by gloom. But You make my heart happy again, for You are the Lord and not the tribulation. You revive me again and make me happy. You take away my sin and give me Your spirit that worships and praises You. Help me to see You working everywhere and to expect You in every situation. For You are the God who is close to me and loves me!


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