In the Name of Jesus – 2016.11.16

Then the Father will give you all what you will ask for in my name.
John 15:16

Jesus sent the 12 diciples to the needy and empowered them to overcome thickness, sufferings, and evil forces. When they returned they were amazed and delighted to have healed and expelled the evil in the name of Jesus. Peter experienced that at the gate of the temple.A lame man sat there to whom Peter said: gold or silver I do not have but get up and be healed in the name of Jesus! This man was healed.
Co-workers have been empowered by their director. With this authority they can made decisions on behalf of their boss. Their signature is as valid as that of their chief. If they do mistakes, the boss has the loss. If they make profit, the boss has the advantage. Jesus wants to make us His co-workers. He, now, is in heaven at the right side of His Father and intercedes for us. We should continue His work. In the gospels we read what Jesus wanted, how He acted and prayed. In the Acts of the Apostles we learn how the diciples exercise this authority. The letters of Paul are explaining us all this. There is great power in the name of Jesus!
You can apply this power only for Him not for your own interests, needs and also not for your own plans which allegedly should build the Kingdom of God. However, when we are certain that Jesus would do the same we can effectively apply the power. In any case it is about His honor and not about ours.
Like Jesus we may pray for the thick, against evil powers in His name. God will act! Of course we do mistakes, are not like God but imperfect diciples. He will teach us.
Finally we should not forget that Jesus wants to save, to heal, to releave the needs. It is only our faith and trust which is sometimes not strong enough. Have courage, it is Jesus who acts, not us in own strength!

Thank You, Jesus, You entrusted me a lot! Help me that I apply Your power correctly, to trust You, to have the courage to pray in Your name. Forgive my little faith and equip me with a willing Spirit.

Bible reading today – Psalm 6


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