A wonderful God – 2016.11.12

But You are a God who forgives, You are merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.
Nehemiah 9, 7b

God had brought Israel out of Egypt with great power and many miracles. But the Israelites forgot quickly. They bleated at every little thing, the complained and they rebelled repeatedly against their God. They even made their own god, a golden calf, and said, This God has brought us out. And yet God did not withdraw His grace from them. He rained manna every morning for them, He caused water, He did not allow that the shoes or clothes disintegrated, He went on as pillar of cloud before them and lit up the night with the pillar of fire. He gave them His good Spirit to make insights available to them. But they did not learn. They took the Promised Land, and God blessed the land, so that they were rich and plentiful. But they were always defiant and rebelled against God and turned their back on him.
It is similar with some Christians. They are very blessed by the Lord. Yet they put their hope in other things. They praise God in worship, but praise at home their own efforts, their work and their success. They defend their rights with the teeth and never miss an opportunity to increase their wealth. Where is thier trust in God?
Some Christians want to live God’s Word. This is their greatest wish. And they have made mistakes, yes, even sinful sometimes. Is not it wonderful that God says: I am the God who forgives, I am gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love; that is why I will never leave you.
Our God is loyal to us, even if we are sometimes unfaithful. He never forgets His children! And if struggle with sin, we can confidently turn to Him as little children to their parents. He comforts and gives new courage! He forgives you! He does not make allegations, but forgives and looks forward. And if you must come to Him 10 times a day and confess: You, Lord, I have again …. so He still has patience and hope. He is doing so as if He forgets our failures. Where is there a God, gracious, loving, long-suffering, abounding in love like our God ??

Thank you, Jesus, in you I have access to the grace and the Father! You are kind to me, helpful, excuse my failure, keep me loyal and bless me again and again. Where could I find a better God but Thee ??

Bible Reading Today: Psalm 2


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