Precious – 2016.10.11

In the same way, after supper he took the cup, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me.
1. Corinthians 11,25

God knows us, hence these reminders. We may never forget that it was the blood of Jesus that enabled us to enter into this new covenant with God! Because Jesus values us so much – because He loves us so much – He gave His life for us. God takes this sacrifice of His Son into account and accepts us as His children. On our own we can never achieve a level of righteousness that will please God.
When my children were young, they had their stuffed toys. They were not very expensive, only a couple of Euros. But to the children they were very precious! They loved their stuffed animals! They would not have given away their animals for all the money in the world!
That is what love enables: through love something worthless attains a high, even priceless value! So it is with God’s love: even the most "worthless" person is precious in His eyes. Even the murderer on the cross went to Heaven with Jesus.
Who decides our worth? Colleagues and friends? My mirror? Others must give us this feeling and assurance of worth. God gave us this assurance through the death of Jesus on the cross. For Him, my Creator and Heavenly Father I am precious, priceless!
Yes, I want to enter into this new covenant of love and complete forgiveness. Jesus has already signed the contract, and so will I.
So when I now take Holy Communion, I drink the wine and know I am drinking Him. For my life, He gave His blood. What a great, great love!
Whenever I partake in Holy Communion I am filled with a big, festive joy: He is in me, because I have "eaten and drunk" Him. Yes, that is reason for joy, hallelujah!

Thank You Jesus, because of You I can live! Because of You I have a high value and am priceless to my Heavenly Father! I agree to this new Covenant, signed with Your blood, – I became a child of God. Now fill me with Your heavenly joy!

Bible study for today: John 11,1-16


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