God’s Banquet – 2016.10.04

A certain man was preparing a great banquet and invited many guests.
Luke 14,16

He sent out his servants to bring the guests. But one by one they excused themselves. They were busy elsewhere. So the man sent his servants to invite the poor, the cripple, the blind and the lame. They came, but the hall was far from full. So the man sent the servants into the streets and into the towns to invite more guests. Because he wanted his house to be full. But he was angry at the people he had invited first, those who did not want to come.
This is a parable by Jesus about Heaven. He prepares a banquet and sends out invitations. But the "righteous" do not want to come. They are busy elsewhere. So He invites others, those who, in the eyes of the world (and often also in ours) are worth nothing. And when there is still space left, He invites the tramps and the lowlifes. What a guest list!- so we may think. But it gives Jesus great joy to have called these people and have them sit at His table. He sees with eyes of the heart!
Let us not miss the Lord’s invitation. Let us be ready. Nothing should stand between us and Jesus, nothing should be more important! We should not look down on people and disregard our brothers and sisters. Let us start looking with Jesus’ eyes.
If we disregard the simple people who stand at the outskirts of society, we anger God. How do we expect to one day worship together in Heaven? It’s possible that Jesus accepts them and leaves us to stand outside!
Let us be Jesus’ servants who go out to invite others. Jesus wants His house to be filled to capacity! Let us not look down on people who come from suffering and misery. Let us not disregard the alcoholics and the prisoners. His house is big, it is huge, and it must be filled! Even if I am not a special person, Jesus invites me. I am not especially righteous or perfect. I do not have fancy evening wear. But Jesus dresses me: He cleanses me of all evil and grime. And then He gives me the white, bright garment suitable for His banquet!! How good it feels to be loved by Him!! Yes, I gladly accept the invitation to His banquet!!!

Thank You, Jesus, Your invitation is meant for me! I may not be special, but You want me, You invite me personally. You want me with You!! Yes, Lord, I want to be with You, and nothing shall separate me from You, nothing shall become more important than You! Please forgive me for looking down on others. Teach me to see with Your eyes!!

Bible study for today: John 8,30-47


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