To the Heart of Jesus – 2016.10.02

Come to Me,
all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28

A person who rests in itself, is strong and with great stability. He transmits secureness. A man who is in itself restless spreads around chaos. It is not easy to live with him, to have good community. As soon as restlessness grips us, we will be a problem for others. At the end we, ourselves, suffer most. Often situations put pressure on us which we cannot change or influence: For instance when someone wants to harm us, or the doctor gives us a bad diagnosis, or when the highway is clogged and you will not be punctual, or when the children are away from home too long, or when the boss is talking again about dismissals, or when, when. when … . There are so many reasons which can worry us.
It is alarming when a groundless unrest is gripping us and we have no explanation for that. If this dangerous mental condition persists you will have to go to the doctor to get pills, or you start to drink alcohol, or you even get suicidal thoughts. And yet the help is there all the time. Jesus is our Helper, our Castle of Rest, stronger than any unrest. He waits for us to take away our burden and to fill us with new life.
But how He can help us if we only are complaining and run away too quickly? He offers us His Heart where we can rest. He wants to give us peace after we have thrown all our worries on Him. But unfortunately many do not trust Him enough and run away.
You may come to Jesus and rest at His heart in all situations: when you are driving a car, when you work, when you travel, when you eat, sleep, wake up, make a walk, or do sport. You alway can be in contact with your Lord and nothing can rob the peace and rest in Him.
Yes, at His heart my restlessness turns to tranquillity. He fills me with His life, His joy, His peace. With Him I am safe.

Thank You, Jesus, that You have come to us! Your whole life was a service to us human beings and still You are there for us. With You only my heart finds rest. Thank You for not blaming me with one word. Thank You, You comfort and help me. You are at my side!

Bible reading today – John 8 12-20


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