Rest is available – 2016.09.30

But I have calmed and quietened myself,
I am like a weaned child with its mother;
like a weaned child I am content.
Psalm 131,2

There are times when we feel crowded by questions, problems, difficulties and people. And we don’t feel strong enough, we feel frail, despondent, passive, depressed, lonely and alone. The circumstances feel really bleak.
But of what use is our faith if we allow ourselves to get discouraged. If our faith cannot conquer all. Not because our faith is so strong, but because the Lord in whom we believe is so mighty!
Thus I flee to Him. When life seems so difficult and dismal, His is the right address. He does not question. He does not assume my guilt or involvement. He sees the situation and He helps. And even if it is my own fault, He takes me in His arms, talks to me, comforts and forgives. For some time I can rest my head against His heart. But then we pull ourselves together and tackle the problem. He forgives me, and I forgive my neighbour. He gives me a joyous, peaceful heart so that I have renewed hope to carry on on my path.
In Him I find peace and safety. Just as a small child feels safe in its mother’s arms, even in the strongest storm.
It is good to rest at the Lord’s feet for some time. There we find a place of rest, as described in Psalm 23. Our strength lies in the rest we find in Jesus, not in our activities and busyness.
I love these quiet times with my Lord. He understands everything. He never accuses. He always has advice or help. Often He gets involved or solves a problem without me having to do anything at all (but not always, so that I don’t become too lazy).
He makes my heart joyful and light. I am not alone. I do not have to handle my problems on my own. He is there! He, my mighty Helper and Comforter! It is Him my soul loves!

Thank You, Jesus, in You I find comfort, safety and loving security. In You my soul finds rest, like a child in its mother’s arms. I really am safe with You. There I can be happy and praise You joyously.

Bible study for today: John 7,37-52


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