The House of Prayer – 2016.09.25

"My house will be called a house of prayer, but you’re turning it into a gathering place for thieves!"
Matthew 21:13

After a triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus went into the temple. There He got angry and overthrew the tables of the money-grubbing traders and said that the temple should be a house of prayer and not a gathering place for thieves. He healed all who came to Him and the crowd sang to Him: Hosanna to the Son of David! Especially the children, who were very excited about Him. Only the scribes were jealous and angry.
The House of God, the temple of stones is demolished. That’s not so bad for such a house can not describe God. He is now in our hearts, this is His temple. And He is in the church, the assembly of the saints, this is His temple too. But alas, we make His temple a place of thieves!
Robbers live in quarrels and disputes. Envy and anger are at home there. The cave is dark so that you can not see the dirt and you can hide. It is lying, cheating, and stealing. There is no real friendship only cold calculation. Everyone thinks only of himself and how he survives best. No warmth, friendship, love, and mercy is found there.
Just as Jesus has made the temple clean, so He wants to purify our hearts and our. He throws out everything that does not comply with God. And then He fills it with His Spirit! Then light and warmth is there, kindness, grace, mercy, joy, peace and love. Then, when the heart is full, the mouth goes on and there is joy without end, there will be dancing, singing and laughing. All praises God, the LORD, who has made everything so wonderful! There, in the temple of God, you are at home and feel totally at ease and welcome. There, our wounds are healed and needs satisfied. There we meet our Lord who is waiting for us full of love.

Thank you, Jesus, You do not live in a temple of stone, but in my heart! Please, take everything out, which doesn’t honor You and fill my heart with Your spirit of joy! Thank You that I can have fellowship with You, and that You put heavenly joy and peace into my heart!

Bible Reading Today: John 6, 36 – 59


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