The Gratitude Test – 2016.09.22

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5, 16ff.

It is clearly written, what God wants from us: thanks for everything. Now we want to make a test of whether we are already one of the grateful people of God. We need some kind of stopwatch; – In many mobile phones there is such a thing – and a pen and a sheet of paper. We take 60 seconds, and for everything for which we are grateful, we will draw a line that is 1 point.
We come to 120 points or more, so we have reached the goal. We are truly grateful people!
60-120 points: We’re almost there! Only a little practice and we are among the grateful people of God.
15-60 points: Well, not quite bad, but in need of improvement.
5-15 points: There it requires a renewal of thinking.
1-5 points: Just about passed, not being a complete heathen.
0 points: failure.

We soon realize that we are still away from the ideal of God. To train is even more important! God’s New people are grateful for everything, they are happy at all times and pray without ceasing. It can begin with gratitude because grateful people are happy, free people who are happy to do something that is beneath their dignity (it’s called humility). Jesus has shown us. We need the help of the Holy Spirit who works in our hearts. He gives us open eyes for Gratitude. He makes in us the first place willing to be grateful to God. Grateful people have a completely different viewpoint to pessimists and top critics. You see everything from God’s perspective and not constantly see the dust at her feet.
Want to get out of whining, complaints, bitterness, self-pity, envy, greed and self-adjusting, then complete God’s Gratitude program. It gives truly new, abundant life, which overflows with joy, gives deep peace and certainty … it’s really good to praise the Lord!

Thank you, Jesus, You are my reason for gratitude! When I look at you, my heart overflows with gratitude. Well, I can’t reach 60 points, but in your school I am in good hands. You’ll teach me!

PS: Even the "failure" Jesus takes to school. It will be difficult, but if you stay firmly here, Jesus will help and you will slowly but surely developed into a new man.


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